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Subscription boxes open labels to new audiences

One of the best ways to promote personal care and beauty products is to expose your cosmetic labels to a broader audience. Over the last several years, subscription services for cosmetics delivery have disrupted the industry, giving consumers access to sample sizes of various products they may never have encountered otherwise. The Birchbox subscription program costs users about $20 per month, and provides a monthly delivery of cosmetics for men and women, depending on account specifications. 

“Consumers are dollar-conscious, and they want to know they’ll like something before committing to a purchase,” writes Aihui Ong of Entrepreneur. “While the idea of sampling is hardly new, the concept of placing your brand in a subscription box is. This business requires a two-pronged approach by brands: providing customers with products they’ll enjoy while using a fresh, direct-to-consumer platform to market products nationally without ever having to leave your corporate headquarters.”

The beauty and grooming marketplace is more saturated than ever before, making it challenging for small companies to break through. Customers may feel limited to the products they see at the drugstore or supermarket, and others that are recommended to them by friends. One advantage of circulating your merchandise through a subscription service is that the third-party company acts as that friend. Once subscribers have had a positive experience with your cosmetic products, they may feel compelled to seek your label out in stores or on the web. 

Companies like Birchbox often list contact information for partnership inquiries, the perfect opportunity to pitch your product for distribution. However, in order to excite decision makers at these merchandising operations, your brand needs the most memorable, creative, consistent and striking brand signatures it can create. Custom label printers allow entrepreneurs who produce cosmetics to craft labels that are just as unique and high-quality as their products. 

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