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Our Customers Love Us


“Being able to print sturdy, long-lasting labels at the office whenever needed means that we are able to control our printing costs and customize our labels as needed. I love the variety of shapes and sizes available – and that DuraFast Label Company offers BS 5609 certified labels.”


“Who knew that it would be possible to print our own large format drum labels? Or that these labels would look so good and last so long despite the harsh environment we expose them to? I really like being able to edit the labels before printing them, too. For example, not only can I add our company branding to the labels, I can include important details such as date and lot number. Adding barcodes is a breeze, too.”


“When you only produce a handful of specialty products at a time, it doesn’t make sense to order thousands of labels from a printing company. It’s a huge waste and doesn’t allow you to make changes to the label after the fact. However, do-it-yourself label printing can look amateurish which is NOT the image we want to project. DuraFast Label Company changes that and gives you better control over each individual label.”

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