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Textured Labels Can Improved Bottled Products

Have you ever picked up a glass bottle of wine, beer or spirits and noticed that the label has a difference texture than anything else on the shelf?

This isn’t an accident. Bottlers know that the right texture can attract customers. If a label looks like something they want to touch, they will pick up the product – increasing the chance that they might decide to purchase it.

There are many different ways to vary texture on bottle labels.

Different textures can evoke different feelings among the general audience. An article in Packaging Digest argues that a grainy label can bring to mind a rustic, earthy theme – great for brands that are trying to emphasize the fact that they hand craft their products. On the other hand, shiny, metallic labels are hard to miss, even at a distance, and make products look fresh and modern.

There are many different ways to vary texture on bottle labels. One way is to use specially textured paper, but it’s also possible to emboss the text printing to make the product name stand out. In addition, embossing can be used to raise designs, creating unique textures that can be instantly recognizable to the touch. 

Gloss and matte coatings – and even combinations of the two – can make for excellent finishes to labels and help products stand out.

if you’re launching a new product or rebranding an existing one, consider creating textured labels. Durafast offers a number of different printing solutions to help you develop the labels you need for your branding efforts. Contact us today for more information!

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