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The many advantages of printing your own wristbands

There is a large variety of organizations and businesses that can benefit from printing their own wristbands. In any situation where identification is important, wristbands provide an easy and effective solution. 

Hospitals and care facilities use them to express allergy concerns as well as hold patient identification information. Nursing and care staff are required to check the information they hold before performing any procedure or administering any medication. In these cases, it is critical that wristbands are made from durable materials than can withstand moisture and not run or bleed. 

Now that summer music festival season is in full swing, many production and security companies need an effective means of separating paid guests from gate crashers. If alcohol is being served at these events, having color-coded wristbands printed and readily available can protect organizations from expensive litigation. By printing customized collateral with an in-house printing solution, such as the Epson TM-C3400LT Label Terminal, Epson TM-C3500 Label Printer, or Epson TM-C3400 Label Printer organizations can quickly and easily produce wristbands that reflect different visitor statuses: for example, general admission, balcony or VIP.

Custom printed bands can also benefit nonprofit organizations, either through spreading awareness or at fundraising events. Different colors or styles can be used to indicate donation amount, and access to certain areas of the event, such as rides, bars or charity auctions. 

Printing wristbands in-house will save time and money. A failure to keep up with demand could also cost an organization in the long-run by tarnishing consumer perception. By not sending out to a third-party, an organization can ensure that nothing is lost in translation and that orders are filled quickly. 

DuraFast wristbands give any organization an opportunity to experiment with color backgrounds, words or images. Contact our experts today to see how DuraFast can help grow your organization through custom printed collateral. 

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