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The Right Typography May Change A Wine’s Flavor

Wine is a subtle beverage. There are countless factors that affect the taste of what you pour into your glass, ranging from the breed of grape to the country of origin and climate in which the fruit was grown.

According to Wine Folly, other factors include the type of yeast used, the specific moment during the harvest season when the grapes are picked and the amount of time that the grape skin spends in the juice during the fermentation process.

Even the design of your label could affect how drinkers perceive flavor.

If you are a winemaker, all of these possibilities give you a great deal to think about when it comes to marketing and selling your wine. And that’s not all. Even the design of your label could affect how drinkers perceive flavor once they crack open a bottle.

Sarah Hyndman, author of the book “How to Draw Type and Influence People,” told Digital Arts Online that typography choices don’t just help your bottles stand out on the shelves. They can influence how we think about a wine and change the way we experience the flavors.

“If you would like to intensify the sweet and bold flavors then bold and curvaceous typefaces such as Bodoni Poster Italic or Cooper Black should do this, using in [sic] lots of ripe red shades,” she said.

It’s important to design and print labels that really drive home the experience that you want your wine to provide. That’s why Durafast offers a number of different printing solutions to help you develop the labels you need for your branding efforts. Contact us today for more information!

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