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Industrial Labels

Thermal Label Printers for Better Industrial Barcodes

Thermal Label Printers for Better Industrial Barcodes

Try to imagine a world of retail and wholesale trade without barcodes and you’ll likely give yourself a mean headache. They are the bread and butter of verification processes for everything from direct sales to the logistics that power worldwide shipping operations. As a result, if your business’s barcodes are poorly designed and fabricated, critical tasks could be severely interfered with, or at the very least delayed.

Thermal label printers can produce barcodes perfect for all retail and wholesale trade.

Fortunately, avoiding such a fate is possible with the use of Toshiba thermal barcode label printers sold by DuraFast. Available in models ranging from industrial-ready machines to portable thermal printers ideal for hospitality operations, the high-quality Toshiba printing products available in our e-commerce sites are more than capable of meeting the needs of any business. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the standout models:

Heavy-Duty Industrial Thermal Barcode Printer Specifications

Warehouses for the storage of retail inventory and the fulfillment centers that handle logistics for sizable e-commerce enterprises are two settings in which labels must be printed not only in very large volumes, but also at an efficient pace with high quality. Large-scale product labeling creates the same requirements. Toshiba’s thermal barcode printers for industrial settings will work well in contexts like these.

  • The thermal label printers in the Toshiba SX series – the SX5T, SX6T and SX8T – are perfect for high-volume printing jobs, reaching 8 inches per second at their greatest production speed. As denoted by the digit in the model number, the maximum label width each can produce ranges from 5-8 inches. 
  • Meanwhile, the B-EX4T1  printer exclusively produces labels that are 4 inches wide. But its extreme speed maxes out at a considerable 14 inches per second and its availability as either a direct thermal or thermal transfer barcode printer makes for greater versatility. 
  • Its counterpart, the B-EX4T2, is similar but doesn’t run quite as quickly: The 600 dpi edition of the B-EX4T2 prints at 6 inches per second, while the lower-resolution model (producing labels at about 200-300 dpi) can reach a top speed of 12 inches per second. 

Ideal Use Cases

Any company that must provide accurate and readable barcodes for its products on a massive scale will reap considerable benefits from installing one of the Toshiba thermal barcode label printers detailed above. Let’s examine several of these specific situations:

  • Food processing: The barcodes and other labels that must be employed in food production to meet a variety of different state and federal regulations need to print exactly according to specifications, and failure in this area can lead to fines and other penalties. The B-EX4T1 or B-EX4T2 provide the ideal combination of speed and precision for this task.
  • Order fulfillment: With e-commerce showing no signs of stopping its expansion, the importance of successful fulfillment center operations is only growing along with it. Customer satisfaction in online shopping is entirely contingent on ease of use and a dependable, problem-free shipping experience, so barcodes must be pitch-perfect to avoid delays or missed deliveries. All of the Toshiba barcode printers noted above would be excellent for these facilities.
  • Supply chain logistics: In this era of increasing globalization and economic interconnectedness, businesses source raw materials and components essential to the manufacturing of their products from all over the world – sometimes from tens of thousands of miles across the globe. If the shipments of these parts are delayed due to a misprinted label that doesn’t scan correctly or causes delivery to the wrong destination, catastrophic consequences can follow. Industrial-grade thermal barcode printers and the right ink cartridges and toners, available from DuraFast on our U.S. or Canadian web stores, can greatly reduce the likelihood of such problems. 

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