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Tips for Creating an Enticing Wine Label

Tips for Creating an Enticing Wine Label

Time and time again, wine has been a classic go-to gift for any occasion. The logistics are simple. Red or white? Sweet or dry? You can always find something in your budget and taking the time to choose a bottle of wine for another can feel like personal and thoughtful gift. Even though consumers may have a general idea of what they are looking for, an appealing label has more weight in the decision-making process than one would think.

The Most Important Things to Consider When Creating a Wine Label

Even when a consumer narrows down their choices for a wine selection, there can still be an overwhelming amount of options depending on where they shop. It is important for your label to stand out, and while it is impossible to appeal to everyone, there are some definite actions you can take to make sure your label is a step above the competition.

  • Clear and concise descriptions. The first step in making sure your wine is acknowledged by shoppers is to make sure they know what you are offering. Even if a shopper knows they want to purchase a white, your label should clearly articulate the distinct qualities of your wine. Using descriptive language of the flavors of your wine without being overly fanciful can be the key to grabbing a customer’s attention and appealing to their palate. According to Wine & Spirit Education Trust, wine labels should emphasize the region and style of the wine in a typography that aids in creating an emotional response with the consumer.
  • Imagery that relates to your brand. Of course, images are usually the most prominent aspect of a wine label and are what shoppers notice first. In the generation of social media, an interesting label on your bottle can boost your brand as Forbes found in an interview with leading label designer Michael McDermott. Deciding what to put on your label, whether it be a photograph, abstract image, shape or so on, depends on the customers you are trying to attract. There is no one size fits all for wine labels, but make sure to choose an image, theme or color palette that does not overwhelm the design or text of your bottle. An image can be used to evoke distinct reactions in consumers, but shoppers still want to be able to know the details of what they are purchasing.
  • Tell a story. Together, the text and image of your label should tell a story about your brand. In his interview with Forbes, McDermott explains how for an established brand, this may mean emphasizing the longevity of the name brand and region with the purpose of “preserving convention.” This advice can be beneficial for new label designers to keep in mind as well. It all depends on the message your brand is trying to convey, but sometimes simple and classical styles work. The bottom line is that every element of your label should work cohesively together to create an emotional response in the consumer so they will be drawn to your bottle and hopefully purchase it.
A creative label can sometimes be the deciding factor for a consumer to make a purchase.

Reevaluate Your Needs

As Wine & Spirit Education Trust reminds us, other factors like bottle shape and legal requirements can also affect how you label your bottle. Make sure you are making the appropriate choices for your type of wine and brand image. Not all brands need a label makeover, but as your business grows and the market changes make sure you understand what message your wine label is conveying to consumers.

No matter if you are an established winery or are currently trying to enter the market, it is important to consider the label of your wine. Though we learn not to judge a book by its cover, customers very much judge a wine by its label. Whether you want to update your label design or are looking to create your own personalized wine labels, make sure you have the printing infrastructure you need by visiting DuraFast’s U.S. store or Canada page.

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