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Trend: Label demands changing the color of food

For decades, consumers didn’t think twice about artificial coloring in food. It was the way manufacturers got products to look the way shoppers in grocery stores expected them to look. However, the movement away from synthetic ingredients in food has changed the way consumers look at food coloring. Rather than seeking neon, primary and uniform coloring in food, they’re seeking a more organic approach to the design of various products. 

An early example of this is the success of Sugar in the Raw, a sweetener that prides itself on its lack of processing. Unlike alternatives on the market, the packets of sugar contain granules that are not snow white. In other products, manufacturers have sought additives that are natural in origin. And while the cost curve has made this challenging, brands have found that natural coloring is a new value proposition that can be marketed on labels. 

“In general, natural colors still cost more than synthetics or carry one compromise or another over the artificial versions,” writes Lauren R. Hartman of Food Processing. “But they provide the value of a cleaner label that the artificial versions can’t, and some suppliers are developing more cost-effective natural colorants, as the widespread use of dyes in food and beverages has raised questions about dye safety levels.”

As consumers become more concerned about the proliferation of artificial coloring, brands can respond and address the trend by leaning toward natural alternatives. In crowded marketplaces, this can help set products apart from their competitors and capitalize on the present appetite for natural foods.

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