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‘UDI’ system to give medical practices a way to label devices

It’s not just medicines and pills that need to be properly labeled when they are shipped: all pieces of equipment and items that will be used by consumers deserve to be given the right medical labels before distribution occurs. It can be managed simply enough with the right labeling solutions, and might require specific wording for different devices that could make it easier to do this with your own labeling software.

On the FDA’s official website, one can now find official guidelines regarding the way that medical devices intended for personal use are to be recognized. This new system, known as the Unique Device Identifier (UDI), has been implemented along with other information from the agency regarding its proper use.

These labels will reportedly come with special identifiers that allow for their tracking as they are utilized, and will include important heart devices like valves and defibrillators.

An article in Health magazine recently featured comments from the FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren on the intended benefits of this system.

“UDI may be an acronym for a unique device identification system, but what it really stands for is better information, better access to safe and effective medical devices, and, ultimately, better patient health,” he said. The FDA is developing this labeling system alongside a database that will store all of this information, most of which will be public.

Putting medical labels at the forefront of a device producer’s responsibilities can therefore fall in line with national priorities and make a company more successful and compliant overall. Contacting a provider of bankable label printing solutions can therefore be one way to enforce good standards and give your business a high place among other providers.

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