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US senators call on FDA for increased e-cigarette labeling

Following the lead of Canadian legislators, U.S. senators have begun calling on the FDA to explore stronger labeling regulation for e-cigarettes, products that have largely escaped the strict regulations placed on traditional tobacco products because of their nicotine-vapor design. 

Officials have voiced complaints claiming that the health warning on e-cigarette products are inadequate, and have urged the FDA to expand their authority to cover all nicotine-based products. 

“In FDA’s proposed ‘deeming regulation,’ the agency includes a warning label for e-cigarettes that does not adequately warn consumers on the known dangers of nicotine use. The proposed label reads ‘WARNING: This product contains nicotine derived from tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.’ We support requiring a label on nicotine’s addictive properties, but we ask the FDA pursue requirements for more extensive warnings that address health risks that e-cigarettes pose,” the Senators wrote in a letter to the agency.

Six senators signed the letter, and already thirteen members of Congress have joined in, asking the FDA to speed the finalization of a proposed rule on e-cigarettes within the year. The Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act was submitted in February,and would include significant restrictions on advertising and labeling collateral. 

Organizations that have capitalized on the soaring popularity of e-cigarettes need to be able to react rapidly to any changes in labeling regulation in order to avoid significant penalties or losses in productivity. 

Product label printing solutions from Durafast can enable organizations to weather these changes and future decisions without losing ground to competitors. Custom label printing is more rapid and affordable than ever before, making it the perfect time to sever reliance on third-party label producers and start saving. 

For e-cigarette manufacturers, color label printers such as the The Primera LX400Primera LX900 or Afinia L801 all offer a cost-efficient means of severing the reliance on expensive third-party label producers. 

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