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Warning labels for wine bottles: When consumers try dangerous techniques

How big are the advisories on your product’s packaging? It doesn’t matter if the contents are dangerous chemicals or some consumer-facing product like wine: if the container itself could pose a threat, then the proper labeling needs to be made in scale to whatever the danger is.

This might be especially relevant if a dangerous trend springs up encouraging users to try something potentially problematic. Since wine bottles can be especially fragile, there might need to be warnings scaled to the product emphasizing proper treatment and handling.

As NPR recently noted, the internet can fuel ideas and fads that draw consumers in but leave them in harmful circumstances where they rely on amateur knowledge rather than advisories from the official manufacturer.

It particularly focused on the idea of opening a bottle of wine with a shoe, placing it inside and then whacking the butt of the bottle against a wall. This may seem like a silly idea that comes out of left field, but as a video on NPR shows, it’s intriguing enough for many people to want to try.

The idea comes from a YouTube video posted by Mirbeau Wine. As Ria Misra of i09 writes, this technique comes with some pretty obvious dangers.

“There is, however, still the very real possibility of the bottle breaking with this method, injuring yourself, ruining your shoe, and losing your bottle of wine all in one swoop,” she writes.

It would be ludicrously specific to warn users against putting wine bottles in their shoes. But a color wine label that specifically cautions against breaking the bottle and calls to keep it in a safe place? Not so far-fetched, and potentially a good tool for protecting your customers.

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