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What’s Next For Sustainable Packaging?

Looking back at 2016, it is clear that consumer demand for sustainable packaging has increased alongside a greater overall awareness and concern for global environmental issues. 

“The demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and indices is growing,” Alex Matturri, CEO of S&P Dow Jones Indices, said in a statement, according to Packaging Digest. He added that consumers are pushing for more transparency so they can make better informed purchasing decisions.

Consumer demand for sustainable packaging has increased.

What does the coming year hold? Here are some upcoming sustainable packaging trends to consider:

  • Packages will contain less material – and more of it will be recyclable: Creating slimmer, lighter packaging saves producers money and is less wasteful overall. It will also help save on fuel costs, as transportation vehicles will be saddled with less weight during each trip.
  • Labels will be easier to read: Consumers want to know what is in their packaging, and they want to know how to dispose of it – preferably by recycling. Expect manufacturers to emphasize these massages. if they are clearer, recycling and composting rates will rise. For instance, an article on Beverage Daily suggests listing exact instructions for how long it should take to properly compost packaging.
  • Manufacturers will continue experimenting: For a few years now, food and beverage companies have sought to break ground in the area of edible packaging. Creating containers that are safe to eat would certainly go a long way toward reducing waste, though there would still be many logistical challenges.

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