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Why chemical labels must keep workers informed

When employees must handle dangerous material, it is essential that they understand the products and are fully educated on best transportation practices. Having chemical labels that adhere to the required GHS labeling standards can keep companies compliant and ensure the safety of workers, customers and even innocent bystanders.

For example, if employees must read labels that are incomplete, inaccurate or simply out of date, the consequences could be disastrous. What if a worker is unaware that a barrel’s contents are dangerous when stored in a certain way, or brought into contact with another chemical?

An adverse reaction occurred last month when a freight train carrying chemicals collided with a waste-hauling truck outside of Baltimore. Authorities explained to local NBC affiliate WBAL that the truck driver was the only one to suffer injuries and the two CSX employees on the train were unharmed.

The train was carrying terephthalic acid and fluoroacetic acid, which Baltimore County Fire Chief John Hohman said are not toxic inhalants. Even so, residents were cautioned to avoid excessive exposure to the smoke.

“The blast could be felt for miles, and many area residents said they initially thought they were experiencing an earthquake,” the news source explained. “Witnesses told WBAL that windows were blown out from nearby homes and businesses.”

While this situation was an accident that was possibly due to human error, chemical manufacturers and distributors should still take note. Ensuring that all durable labels are current and clearly visible is crucial to avoiding injuries and damages.

Investing in an Epson GP-C831 color label printer will guarantee that companies do not fall behind on any GHS labeling standards. It will also keep employees educated on the latest chemical label requirements and how they can keep themselves and those around them safe.

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