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Durable Labels

Why durable labels are part of employee safety measures

No company wants to face fines from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The financial setback could be harmful, along with any reputational damage that could follow an OSHA investigation. This blog has previously discussed the importance of businesses adhering to all regulations, not only for their own stability, but also for the safety of employees.

For organizations that must have workers handle dangerous materials on a daily basis, accurate chemical labels are a necessity. The same way that managers provide safety gear, such as hard hats or goggles, labels that adhere to GHS labeling standards can keep employees protected. That way, workers can see what is inside a drum or barrel, and understand how to move and store it.

A container that is unmarked, or inappropriately labeled, will not benefit employees. It is in fact akin to employers not supplying and encouraging the use of proper safety equipment. Even if a manager is convinced that workers are able to access protective gear, team members need the right training. Additionally, they must understand that there are severe consequences – for themselves and the company – if they do not follow such guidelines.

For example, say that you work at a chemical plant. What if you receive a barrel that does not have any durable labels? And yet, your manager expects that you will innately understand what to do with it, and how to safely handle the contents. If the chemical is in fact dangerous, you could expose yourself or co-workers to certain hazards.

However, when a company has access to an Epson GP-C831 color label printer, the necessary labels can be mass produced so all containers have an accurate description of their contents.

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