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Will the ‘Sunscreen Innovation Act’ lead to safer consumers?

Fun in the sun? Some supporters of a bill that would change the requirements for American sunscreen certainly hope so, with the arrival of a piece of legislation that could change the game and shake up stagnant FDA rules.

The PASS coalition, a mix of different industry groups and medical professionals, recently heralded the arrival of this act with a somewhat celebratory press release describing the official support that the act has received from multiple senators across party  and state lines.

If passed, the act would make it easier for necessary sunscreen ingredient changes to be implemented. It is of special importance because of the rarity with which such changes happen for sunscreen.

An easier system through which changes can be made might also be one in which labels are more understood. If it becomes easier to alter the ingredients, it should be easier to add these new ingredients to the label list on the product itself.

The Washington Post quoted from a representative of BASF, an international chemical company, on the difficulty that the FDA’s failure to adopt these motions has caused these producers.

“It definitely hurts how we approach development of new UV filters,” Al Pearce said. “The U.S. market is one of the largest markets in the world. If it’s not open to new innovation, it’s extremely limiting.”

When manufacturing prime labels the company that has the benefit of custom printed labels at their disposal might stand to make a bigger impression on their consumer base. They will also have the ability to conform to future adjustments as they arise.

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