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Wine Labels Contain Some Light Reading

Sometimes, the best way to end a long day is to curl up on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine. But what if the book came with the bottle?

One Italian winery has just introduced a unique bottle labeling system that offers a new take on the wine label. The winery Matteo Correggia has a line of wines called Librottiglia, in which each bottle is packaged with something for the drinker to read.

Each bottle is packaged with something for the drinker to read.

Specifically, the wine labels are actually multi-page short stories. Each one is tied closed with twine, and just long enough to complete while drinking two glasses of wine, according to a report by The Drinks Business. The winery also chose stories with specific themes that are meant to match up with the type of wine in each bottle.

Metro UK reports that these bottles are currently only available in Italy, so you probably won’t get a chance to experience them if you aren’t in the area (and if you don’t speak the language). However, despite the low availability, these bottles serve as a great example for other winemakers looking to help their products stand out in a crowded marketplace. Many people can make good wine. But whether they can offer the customer something interesting to go along with it is a separate question.

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