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Prime Labels

Being unusually distinctive and blunt with wine labels

You can be both creative and completely honest with the help of a label printer that fits seamlessly with applicator hardware. Once the labels are applied, that’s the first image the customer gets, but in the case of one vintage, that image is no image at all.

EMag.Co.Uk, a British entertainment website, reported recently on Easy Choice Winery, which is using an unusually direct method to communicate the contents of its bottles to consumers. The labels for their bottles, created by marketing company Realist Branding, don’t give the usual images of grapes or cursive lettering.

Instead, these labels tell it exactly like it is: in simple black and white, they boast proudly generic names like “THE ONE WITH THE BERRIES,” or “THE ONE WITH THE AWARDS.” The bottles are part of a larger campaign that includes matching T-shirts and a box set, all coordinating with the black-and-white signage that defines the winery.

Just because you’re using a color printer doesn’t mean you can’t produce great-looking monochrome designs. In fact, the labels that you include can, with the aid of one of the Primera line, match your qualifications exactly without leaking or any other distortion. This is especially important when there’s white writing on lots of black space, as is the case with some of these wine labels.

But even those who aren’t trying to push any boundaries can find value in the color label printers on offer. When a prime label represents a full-fledged rebranding campaign, the stakes for getting everything exactly right are even higher.

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