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Blue Apron’s label strategy boosts its brand recognition

As companies like Blue Apron win devotees among amateur cooks, let’s explore how its custom labeling strategy built the brand. Launched in 2012, the premise of Blue Apron is to send boxes of ingredients to households, the contents of which create a specific, fully-composed meal. Starting at $8.74 per person, per meal, the company reduces headaches of grocery shopping, recipe browsing and mise en place with handy packaged dish elements. 

The genius of Blue Apron’s strategy, which has been replicated by smaller firms, is the iconic and easy-to-read labels on ingredients, recipes and the box itself. 

“In just a year and a half, Blue Apron has grown from shipping a few orders out of a kitchen in Long Island City, Queens, to delivering more than 500,000 meals a month nationwide,” reports Crain’s New York Business in a feature on founder Matt Salzberg

With striking visual branding, Blue Apron grew its customer base on the ease and clarity by touting its simple-to-follow directions.  By making cooking as accessible and unintimidating as possible with handy guides, clear labels and overall simplicity, the company has worked its way into homes and onto kitchen tables. Each packaged ingredient comes with a striking, memorable circular label that streamlines the chaos and doubt that stress shoppers out in supermarkets. 

Blue Apron’s growing profile has spurred a series of imitators: from vendors who package ready-to-cook meals with organic, local produce to health-conscious delivery companies that prioritize low-calorie dishes. But Blue Apron’s distinctive label still looms over the culinary model.

Launching a distinctive and influential brand demands strong visual elements. An industrial label printer can help your company market its image on products that win over customers, and keep them coming back for seconds. 

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