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CNBC unveils winner of beer label competition

CNBC recently polled viewers to find the best-loved beer label in the United States and Newburgh Brewing Co.’s Cream Ale was a pour above the rest. The label beat 64 competitors to steal the top spot and company leaders have been interviewed on CNBC to explain the mission of the beer’s clever label strategy. 

“The label was designed by Philadelphia-based design firm Modern Good and features company mascot Betsy the Cow as well as icons from around Newburgh,” explains CNBC. “Newburgh Brewing is small, but growing. Its brewery produced 2,000 barrels of suds in 2014, and only began canning its beer a year ago this month.”

The contest is just one example of how creative labeling can earn media attention and raise visibility for emerging brands. Because respondents to the survey were prompted with images from labels of all sizes, the playing field was leveled to include small companies with exquisite branding. Companies without the reach and market penetration of a major brand are able to gain attention with their packaging. 

With an industrial label printer, businesses can take control of their marketing efforts and craft labels that attract customers. Whether they’re established heavyweights in their market or startups looking for a foothold, a clear expression of identity helps tell the public what makes manufacturers special. Outsourcing labeling to a third party can make your message derivative and diluted in translation. For a lower cost and greater conveniences, companies can create beautiful and striking packaging design in-house. 

Contact us today to learn more about how custom label printing can give brands the edge in a competitive marketplace. When companies embrace their unique and memorable brand signatures in beautiful labeling, consumers take notice. 

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