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Design Packages For YouTube Unboxing Video

Written user reviews are no longer the only source of information for shoppers looking to buy new products online. In recent years, “unboxing videos” posted to video-hosting sites like YouTube have proven to be an increasingly popular means of consumer engagement.

The premise of these videos is simple. The person making them will film themselves opening boxes and discussing the products contained within. Often, these videos are created by amateurs and tend to have a DIY feel – which may signal authenticity to the viewer. After all, so much of the professional advertising we see every day can come across as insincere, but makers of unboxing videos portray themselves as honest reviewers, no different than a friend offering an opinion on a product.

Package designers must learn to adapt to a new influential medium.

Given that the most successful of these videos can command millions of views, package designers must learn to adapt to a new influential medium. They can maximize the effect that unboxing videos will have on sales by designing unique logos that will make product packages more memorable – and perhaps even elicit positive comment from video reviewers.

By experimenting with different shapes, packaging materials and colors, product manufacturers can improve brand visibility in some important ways. Who knows – maybe your product will be the next big thing to go viral on the internet!

Durafast offers a number of different printing solutions to help you develop the labels you need to stand out from the competition and appeal to your customer base, whether online or off. Contact us today for more information!

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