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How necessary are chemical labels for my agricultural products?

Agricultural labels are necessities for every farmer, as they need to know what chemicals they are putting on their crops. Even though the debate continues over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), it is still important that there is not a mixup, and only safe materials are added to foods eventually to be brought to consumers.

According to a Minnesota Farm Guide article, fungicides and pesticides are often sprayed in agricultural areas before any obvious signs of disease or bugs have been seen. This practice – while common – is not necessarily the best one, as each time a chemical is applied, the fungi or pest needs to adapt or die. As the time frame for this process can vary, farmers must be careful about what they are applying to their crops. What worked at one time might no longer be the answer. 

“Chemical companies must work harder to identify and optimize new chemistries; consequently, the interval between new fungicides coming to market is increasing,” the article said. “They are often more expensive than current market leaders because of the additional investment in bringing these products to market.”

Similarly, an Athens News article explained that customers are becoming more aware of the food labels on their products, and are more likely to care about an item’s history – such as where it was grown. Local businesses in the Athens and Athens County, Ohio area go so far as to explain that they offer a “30 mile meal,” which guarantees that all ingredients were grown within 30 miles of the establishment. 

Agricultural labels and chemical labels must be as detailed and accurate as possible. This will ensure a safe growing process and that customers are fully informed when they finally make a purchase.

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