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Know Your Product’s Environment Before Designing Packaging

When designing the packaging for your product, you need to know your audience. You also need to plan for what those customers will see when they encounter your product on store shelves. Often, that means creating a look that fits in with the retail environment you are aiming to occupy.

After all, while you may want your product to stand out, you certainly don’t want it to feel out of place. This can be a fine line to walk. The right label for some circumstances may not fit every situation.

While you may want your product to stand out, you certainly don’t want it to feel out of place.

Of course, some retailers may be pickier than others about what sort of look products should adopt when sitting on their shelves. Apple Stores are a prime example.

With their bright, modern and minimalist design, Apple Stores resemble little else in the retail world today. As a result, third-party suppliers who want to sell their iPhone and iPad accessories in these stores have to think carefully about their packaging techniques.

For instance, Moment, a Kickstarter-funded startup that makes lenses and cases for iPhones, spent four months designing new packaging when Apple invited it to sell these products in its retail stores. Moment’s design team operated under some strict guidelines, according to a report by FastCoDesign. For instance, all of the packages had to be primarily white in color, with any images being of the product.

“In traditional packaging, the front of the box would be about selling the ‘why’—why would you want this thing,” Marc Barros, Moment’s founder, told the news source. “But to Apple it’s about the ‘what.'”

Not all retailers are this exacting, but companies should always be thinking about how their labeling and packaging designs fit into their surroundings. A quality printer can help create the best possible label for any product. At DuraFast, we carry a wide selection of printers and printing supplies to help your labels stand out. Contact us today!

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