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Massachusetts company faces heavy fines for EPA violations

Companies that produce, package or distribute dangerous materials must ensure that all containers have legible and accurate chemical or drum labels. A failure to do so could not only be harmful to the environment, but dangerous for customers or any employees who handle the containers.

The Shield Packaging Company has been fined $484,900 in penalties from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for not adhering to state and federal laws, according to the news blog GoLocalWorcester. Specifically, EPA claimed that the business failed to create comprehensive risk management plans that accounted for processes that used extremely hazardous substances at the facility. 

“Failing to carefully follow hazardous waste management, chemical accident prevention, and oil spill prevention requirements poses increased risks of exposure to dangerous substances for both humans and the environment,” Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA’s New England office, told the news source. “Hazardous substances must be properly handled, stored and disposed of to ensure that the local community and first responders are not subject to unacceptable risks.”

In order for employees to understand how to handle, store and dispose of possibly toxic material, the chemical label must be clear and follow GHS labeling standards. Otherwise workers might not fully understand the products that they are transporting.

Companies that are involved in the early stages of dangerous chemical handling would be wise to invest in an Epson GP-C831 label printer. This label printer can help a business create durable labels that will withstand harsh environments and any required transportation. Employees will always be able to read the label and can understand how best to work with the container.

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