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Announcing the new Primera LX2000 label printer

DuraFast Label sells the Primera-LX2000-Color-label-printer

Print your product labels, GHS BS5609 labels with the new Primera LX2000 color label printer

If you’re looking for a solution for printing coffee, wine, bakery, water, meat, cheese or confectionery labels for retail products, a new printer has arrived to meet your needs.

At DuraFast labels, we’re proud to announce that we are now shipping the Primera LX2000 Label Printer, the company’s fastest-ever desktop color printer. With the ability to produce labels at a speed of up to 6 inches per second, it’s 25 percent faster than Primera’s current bestseller, the LX900 Color Label Printer. While the new product shares the LX900’s high-quality printing results, the speed with which users can complete tasks sets it ahead of anything Primera has released before.

“Primera LX2000 represents an entirely new product class in desktop label printing,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With large ink tanks we can offer an extremely competitive cost per label. Our print speeds rival printers that cost up to three times more…Print quality is superb. Add to that our wired Ethernet or USB 2.0 or wireless connection options, along with 8″ print width and you’ve got everything most companies would ever need. With Primera LX2000, there are only benefits and no compromises.”

The cost per label is kept low by large, separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The printer also includes a “pizza-wheel” cutter, pigment-based ink (for stronger UV resistance) and a viewing window that allows users to see label stock levels.

The Primera LX2000 is perfect for private labeling, test marketing, pre-press proofing and finally, retail labeling that’s attractive, durable and helps businesses meet compliance regulations. With a suite of compatible label software for a variety of operating systems, you can add barcodes, QR codes and memorable graphics that give your brand the advantage.

The Primera LX2000’s MSRP is $3,995 USD, but at DuraFast Label Comapany, you can own it for just $3,695 USD ($4,895 CAD). A new Primera printer might be the investment that takes your custom label printing strategy to the next level.

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