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Australia uses mobile technology to assist farmers in agricultural labels

At any stage of a chemical’s life cycle, improper handling or storage could result in property damage or injuries to a company’s employees or customers. Industries that use dangerous materials, including those businesses in the agricultural sector, must ensure that their products are properly labeled so they are able to keep themselves and their clients protected.

An article in The Land, an Australian-based online news source, explained that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) released a new mobile application to help the country gain access to up-to-date information about registered agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals.

Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig explained to the news source that with the mobile application now including the permits module, it is leading the field in helping customers find information about their desired chemicals and pesticides.

“Many people now want fast and easy access to information on the move and this app provides that,” Ludwig said. “It will be particularly useful for farmers and environmental managers, particularly those in the horticultural and minor grains industries.”

The news source explained that the application gives users real time access to the APVMA’s agvet chemical registration and permit databases and allows them to search for new products.

Even as mobile technology is introduced into agriculture and farming, the importance of chemical labels cannot be overlooked. Companies that are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of materials that farmers use – especially if it is hazardous chemicals – an accurate description must be on their containers.

A mobile phone application might be able to simplify the searching process, but once a chemical has been shipped and processed, having the right durable labels in place will ensure the safety of all involved.

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