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Louisiana town changes routes for trucks hauling hazardous material

Once dangerous materials have been packaged and prepared for transport, it is crucial for anyone involved in the movement of those containers to have a full understanding of best practices to keep themselves and others safe. It can be especially helpful if the companies that produced those items have invested in durable chemical labels that adhere to GHS labeling standards.

If people are unable to read what is inside a particular drum or barrel, it will be difficult – if not impossible – for them to know how best to handle transportation.

Baton Rouge is not taking any chances with how possibly dangerous materials are moved from one location to another. Louisiana state representative Henry Burns explained to the Shreveport Times that trucks hauling hazardous materials should not be driving through neighborhoods and small towns that are located off of Interstate 49 North.

“It establishes current DOTD (Department of Transportation and Development) policy to keep hazardous materials on the best roads, rather than winding along on small roads,” Burns said.

Burns got House Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee approval Tuesday of his HB186 bill. The legislation would simply direct which routes are appropriate for drivers to take, he said.

The new bill would change the route from I-49 between the Caddo-DeSoto parish boundary and its intersection with Interstate 20 to its intersection with the Louisiana-Arkansas boundary.

Drum labels need to adhere to federal and local standards when it comes to distinguishing what is inside a container, and how individuals should handle the material properly. This can directly play into transportation as well.

When companies invest in an Epson GP-C831 label printer, they can rest assured that the printer will help them remain current on all standards, while still producing durable chemical labels in a timely manner.

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