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Horticulture labels adapt to consumer demands

As Americans prepare for planting season, gardening centers and horticulture supply stores should ensure that their products have labels that will grab a shopper’s attention. One of the challenges of this industry is creating labels that are vibrant enough to attract the eyes of a consumer surrounded by the colors of summer.

To accomplish this, retailers are moving towards on-demand labeling solutions that allow them to experiment with different strategies and abandon generic, boring labels and tags. Todd Davis, catalog director for Horticultural Marketing & Printing, talked to TodaysGardenCenter.com about the growing trend.

“Garden centers using generic signs and tags is outdated. Retailers want to provide customers with precise information on how to grow plants in their exact microclimates,” Davis told the source. “They want to customize labels with their logos, their brands and their information. In a matter of minutes you can create and print banners to direct customers to a particular product… It’s super easy and super effective.”

The ability to provide locally based growing instructions is particularly appealing to retailers as the “local-vore” health movement gains momentum and an increasing number of consumers are displaying interest in growing their own fruits and vegetables. 

Davis also told the source how investing in in-house labeling solutions can set a garden center apart from the competition. Consumers appreciate the extra information not found in generic labels, and businesses no longer have to wait for their label suppliers before stocking new product. 

Color label printers are available from Durafast that allow retailers to produce durable, waterproof and eye-catching collateral to capture the attention of their customers. The Epson GP-C831 label printer is a current favorite of many garden centers, as it is capable of printing in full color with Epson Chemical horticulture labels that can be up to 8.5″ wide, large enough to ensure catching the eye of casual shoppers. 

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