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Pesticides get new regulations to protect Oregon bees

In response to specific efforts, your chemical products might need new pesticide labels to conform with the regulations that apply to them within a specific state. Because this can vary in response to environmental conditions, your company might need to not only do some research to prepare for this but equip itself with the printing system that can make this easier.

This can be seen in the state of Oregon in response to a number of bee deaths that have occurred recently. According to a recent report done by Northwest Public Radio, the local Department of Agriculture is readjusting rules so that certain trees won’t become overly dangerous to these insects and upset the environment.

Since the circumstances that prompt these kinds of changes might not seem like they necessitate specific labels, a chemical company could be ill-equipped to work around such a situation and leave workers in the dark. But the source quoted department representative Bruce Pokarney on the importance of restricting the presence of two specific chemicals, imidacloprid and dinotefuran.

“It appears there are certain characteristics of this species of tree and certain characteristics of these pesticide products that in combination seem to be fatal to bumblebees,” he said.

In turn, the Associated Press reported that the way these chemicals were previously used is the chief reason behind the need for a ban.

No matter what the situation, though, your customers might need to make the distinction through visual cues or other items that can be addressed specifically on durable labels that make sense for the chemicals you process.

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