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The Challenge of Rebranding a Classic Product

Rebranding is difficult, especially for well-known, classic brands.

On one hand, maintaining the same product labeling and packaging style sends an important message to the consumer. It promises consistency and reliability. Customers know this product, and if they have enjoyed it before, they have no reason to doubt that they will receive the same level of quality.

On the other hand, failure to update a brand can leave certain products vulnerable to competition. Startup brands can create entire marketing strategies based around the idea of offering something fresh and new. 

Which option should classic brands choose? Is there a middle ground? These are important question to consider because a botched rebranding can be a disaster. Just look at PepsiCo, which briefly redesigned the containers of Tropicana orange juice with a new modern look in 2009. As it turned out, customers preferred the classic look, and after a significant backlash, the company was forced to reverse course. 

And yet, a successful rebranding can be a lifesaver for a product. After being associated with older male customers for years, Old Spice underwent a radical shift in marketing strategy with advertisements and new packaging designs aimed at a younger audience. As a result, sales among that demographic are up. 

Ultimately, businesses have to know their customers and create product rebrands that reflect this knowledge. Keep up with changing trends by investing in a printer for custom labels. At DuraFast, we carry a wide selection of printers and printing supplies to help your labels stand out. Contact us today!

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