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Containers lacking drum labels scare Massachusetts town

Proper GHS labeling is a necessity for hazardous material, especially if it is being transported or stored in residential areas. No company wants to be responsible for the evacuation of a town because of improper or unclear labeling.

One Massachusetts town was just reminded of this fact, as it had to call in the state’s Hazardous Materials Team and police bomb squad to investigate mysterious canisters. According to the local news source The Republican, Amherst ‘s Central Fire Station received unmarked containers a few weeks ago.

An individual drove up to the station and had several containers of potentially hazardous chemicals in the car. While the person is remaining anonymous, he or she apparently told firefighters  that the containers were discovered while cleaning out his or her parent’s home. Upon discovery of the material, the individual wanted advice on proper disposal.

“Some of the containers were labeled for chemicals known to be volatile and others were not labeled at all, [so] the fire department requested the Hazardous Materials Team respond to the scene,” the article explained.

Even though it is unclear how the containers arrived at a residential home in the first place, companies must ensure that all of their materials – hazardous or not – are equipped with proper drum labels. The production and transportation process are just the beginning of the journey, as distribution and actual use of the chemicals must take place afterward. Any business involved needs to be able to rest assured that employees understand how to treat containers, especially  when they are filled with dangerous chemicals.

Investing in an Epson GP-C831 label printer, for example, will ensure that chemical labels are durable and adhere to BS5609 standards. That way, the company can remain compliant and customers understand how to handle the materials.

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