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How proper chemical labels can help in employee training

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many rules and regulations in place to ensure that employees in any industry are able to operate in safe environments and avoid unnecessary harm. But, how are workers supposed to keep themselves – and those around them – safe if they cannot read the chemical labels on hazardous material?

Companies that are involved in the production, distribution and even storage of harmful items must ensure that the durable labels on all products are legible and up-to-date. Otherwise, an employee could unknowingly mishandle a container.

For example, OSHA recently issued a memorandum that called for a higher focus put on the training and integration of temporary workers. Employees must receive better instruction and have it be in a language that they understand, the memo said.

“Many of those killed and injured are temporary workers who often perform the most dangerous jobs, have limited English proficiency and are not receiving the training and protective measures required,” Assistant Secretary of Labor David Michaels said at a Washington, D.C. ceremony on April 29. “Workers must be safe, whether they’ve been on the job for one day or for 25 years.”

A key for safe operations is to have all employees – temporary or tenured – fully aware of what they are moving back and forth. Investing in an Epson GP-C831 label printer is well-advised, as these printers can produce mass amounts of labels that adhere to GHS labeling standards.

When employees of all levels are able to clearly read and understand the labels on all transportable goods, it will ensure not only their safety, but that of the company’s clients as well.

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