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Inspection finds dangerous pesticide at grocery store

When the right chemical labels are placed on dangerous items, they can assist employers, their workers and even customers in knowing what is inside a particular container. This can help all parties involved in transporting and storing hazardous chemicals. However, businesses must also know what products they are allowed to have on their premises.

A Texas grocery store learned this lesson the hard way, as it was found to have a hazardous chemical in its building during a routine inspection from the Department of State and Health Services (DSHS). According to a WTAW article, The Brazos County Health Department (BCHD) discovered Fumitoxin at the B/CS Asian Market in College Station.

The news source explained that Fumitoxin’s main ingredient is aluminum phosphide, which is very reactive when it is exposed to air and water.

“Fire department personnel placed the chemical in a container, covered it with an absorbent material, and then sealed the container, making it safe for transport,” the article said. “DSHS then took custody of the container and removed it for safe disposal.”

Durable labels that adhere to GHS labeling standards are essential for every company that either manufactures, produces or distributes hazardous materials. In cases such as this one, where individuals can clearly read what is inside a container, it can help prevent an accident from occurring. For example, if during the inspection, the labels were not clear in describing a potentially explosive chemical, either firefighters or other employees could have been seriously injured. 

By investing in an Epson GP-C831 color label printer, businesses can remain on top of all orders for chemical labels, guaranteeing that dangerous items are always accurately marked.

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