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How to Design a Great Logo

Think about some of the popular product logos you see every day. The Coca-Cola red-and-white. The Nike swoosh. Apple’s silver apple. When customers look at these logos, they don’t have to stop and think about which company is behind them. They already know.

You don’t need a massive budget to create something special.

If you are struggling to introduce a new product to the market, or feeling pushback from strong competition, you need to consider the value that a recognizable logo can offer. Creating a truly memorable brand doesn’t just draw in first-time customers. It also increases the odds that shoppers will return to you again and again.

But you don’t need the massive budget of a multi-national corporation to create something special. Just follow a few basic tips to get started.

  • Keep it simple. Customers have a lot on their minds, and they are only going to dedicate so much brainpower to remembering your product. A logo is no place to cram dozens of tiny details. A single, well-designed image can be more memorable. Just remember: Simple doesn’t mean boring.
  • Use color. More often than not, bright color combinations are going to stand out on a crowded store shelf. Furthermore, different colors can evoke different emotions from your client base, according to a post on the Help Scout blog. Customers might associate yellow with warmth and optimism, and red with boldness. It’s up to you to decide which color best summarizes your product.
  • Create unique twists on established images. Apple’s logo isn’t just a silhouette of an apple. It’s an apple with a bite taken out of it. Sure, this may sound simple, but when you think about it, that bite is arguably one of the most memorable aspects of the logo. You may be tempted to use real-world objects to represent your products. Be sure to use these likenesses in interesting ways that people will remember.

No logo can be successful unless it is printed on a high-quality label. At DuraFast, we carry a wide selection of printers and printing supplies to help your labels stand out. Contact us today!

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