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New Pepsi label seeks to enter craft soda market

Today’s consumers have been moving away from large manufacturers in favor of supporting small or local brands. This has caused an explosion in “craft” producers, who make everything from beer to jam in small batches. These producers can also charge higher prices, as they generally will include higher quality ingredients in addition to the smaller production size. 

Now, beverage giant Pepsi is hoping to cash in on this trend. The organization’s latest offering mimics many of the characteristics that have become associated with craft products, including an antique-looking glass bottle and classic labeling. It has been named “Caleb’s Kola” after the pharmacist credited with creating Pepsi in North Carolina in the 1890, according to Manufacturing.net.

The beverage boasts Fair Trade cane sugar, natural kola nut extract from Africa, a secret spice blend and a “hint of citrus.” 

The new product comes at a time when increasingly health-conscious American consumers have been cutting back on their soda intake. Sales have flat-lined in recent years, especially among Millennials, who have been steadily moving away from major manufacturers in favor of products they view as more “authentic.” Pepsi’s hashtag promoting Caleb’s Cola, #honorincraft, suggests that they are trying to capture some of this generation’s positive perception of craft product producers. 

Kaleb’s Cola is currently only available in limited markets, and can be found in Costco locations in Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.. 

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