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Durable Labels

Durable labels can keep businesses and residents safe

Would you eat something that was not labeled properly? Odds are that few people would, as clear and accurate labels are a necessity when it comes to food products. However, if the same care is not taken with hazardous chemicals, the repercussions could be even more drastic.

While individuals are not typically ingesting chemicals that are stored in drums and large barrels, it is still critical for all items to have durable labels that adhere to GHS labeling standards. Without legible instructions for transportation and storage as well as a description of what is actually inside a container, distributors and their customers could be in danger. Furthermore, depending on where an item is being shipped, residents who are nearby could be put at risk.

That was the concern earlier this week in Florida, when potentially explosive substances were found in a home and forced a neighborhood to evacuate.

According to a WGOW article, the Orange County Sheriff’s office was notified after concerned residents found suspicious containers on the property of a recently deceased relative. One was labeled as magnesium, which can be highly combustible when in its original form. 

“Jeff Williamson, spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, explained that because of the number of dangerous chemicals found, investigators took their time disposing of them,” reported the article.

Several schools in the area were put into lockdown and 50 homes in the subdivision were evacuated as authorities searched the rest of the area. Investigators took their time disposing of the chemicals, but residents were eventually cleared to return to their homes and no injuries were reported.

Any company that creates or distributes hazardous materials can benefit from a color label printer that can mass produce durable chemical labels that adhere to federal standards.

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