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Making appliance labels more accurate

When customers look at the tags on their appliances, they need to know that the energy consumption rate is accurate. Just as all consumer goods need to have labels that match their contents, energy efficiency needs to be displayed accurately, and according to the Telegraph, that’s not the case in the U.K.

The source describes how, according to the Chief Energy Trust, a fifth of the electrical appliances labeled in that country have the wrong energy efficiency number stamped on their devices, with the result being a potential financial loss for customers.

To combat this, it is policing the use of these labels and attempting to see if they are correct. The agency also offers “bespoke” labeling and consultancy on its website.

Some of the devices that both consumers and businesses use might be taking up more energy than they thought, which could have significant financial implications over time. In an article for The Conversation, Sarah Royston and Elizabeth Shove discuss the “myths” underlying bad energy use habits, and identify how labeling can play a role in making it all better.

“The most common method of promoting energy literacy is to provide information through labels on products and buildings or via leaflets, websites, advertising campaigns and lessons in schools,” they write.

Especially when it comes to specialty items like medical devices, durable labels that accurately describe energy use can be printed alongside the barcode labelthat normally accompany common kinds of equipment. Whether it’s for household appliances or something a little more industry specific, the correct energy consumption is a line of information that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

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