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Durable Labels

Avoid fines by having the right chemical labels

Chemicals are a part of everyone’s daily lives, whether they are aware of it or not. Flammable liquids can be transported down highways and rivers, while pesticides can be used on or near farms to keep bugs away from the crops. However, with so many individuals possibly affected by these items, it is essential that every barrel, drum and container is properly labeled.

How will employees involved in distribution know the proper way to carry and then store a steel container if they do not understand the danger level of what is inside? Hazardous chemicals could be inside, and might bring harm to the individual or anyone else who comes into contact with the item.

Companies need to be able to rely on their chemical labels, and rest assured that even over time the title, description and any photos are not worn away. Investing in an Epson GP-C831 label printer is beneficial in this situation, as these labels are proven to be durable and stay in place.

For example, a business that is involved with transporting maritime dangerous goods will not have to worry about its drum labels fading away. Not only will this keep employees and customers safe, it  allows the organization to remain compliant with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines. Financial fines can be devastating to any company, and not being able to operate normally – while the  necessary labels are fixed – could also harm the brand name.

Making an investment in a color label printer that can create the right labels for all kinds of chemicals will pay off for any business involved in the production or distribution of hazardous materials.

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