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Durable Labels

How chemical labels assist multiple parties

Unmarked barrels or drum containers can be exceedingly dangerous. Even if the manufacturing company knows what is inside, if there are no chemical labels, how is an organization on the receiving end of transportation supposed to know? Not only must descriptions adhere to GHS labeling standards, the printed words must be legible and not easily removable.

This blog has previously discussed instances of companies that experienced an accident, stemming from improperly stored chemicals. Not only could such instances injure employees and other individuals nearby, the effect could be harmful to a business’ reputation. Fewer organizations might be willing to work with a firm that has not followed federal label standards.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, companies are required to submit an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form to regulatory authorities, including their local fire department. The form must include certain information about the stored chemicals, such as:

  • Chemical name
  • Location of the chemical within the facility
  • Description of the type of storage being used
  • An estimate of how much of the item is being held at the building.

With proper labels that clearly distinguish all of this information—and more if necessary—all employees will be able to store chemicals in a safe manner.

By investing in a color label printer that allows for mass quantities of chemical labels to be printed at once, a company can also keep on top of all orders. Even when regulations change, which can happen, a firm will not have to wait for updated labels. An Epson GP-C831 color label printer will ensure that businesses have the means to create durable labels.

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