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Bakers and food manufacturers find relief in Epson labeling solutions

A major complaint from bakeries and food manufacturers at the recent Bakery Showcase was the convoluted process of labeling their products for sale. Many companies employ a two-step process involving ordering vast quantities of blank labels printed with their color logo, and subsequently using a thermal printer to print the ingredients, nutritional facts and barcodes. DuraFast is proud to offer a streamlined, single-step solution to the problem with the Epson TM-C3500 color label printer.

In our talks with bakers and manufacturers at the showcase, we learned about the issues they face with ordering large quantities of labels in advance. The huge inventory of blank labels they were forced to keep on hand were a hefty investment that was eating up warehouse space, and the labels were subject to dirt and damage from being repositioned. These damaged labels were unusable, and represented an unnecessary loss of overhead for businesses with tight profit margins. 

Another common issue we found was that the labels with the blank content did not always align properly when reprinted, resulting in even more wasted labels. The company also faced limited printing options. When attempting to print for private labels, they had to deal with long lead times to get new blank labels with the new logos, delaying the production schedule. 

Bakers and food manufacturers were delighted to see how the Epson TM-C3500 color label printer allows them to meet all their labeling needs in a single step. The advantages of being able to print any content including color logos and color pictures easily on demand were immediately clear to those who had been struggling with the two-step process. The system allows them to quickly print new sample labels for potential new private label clients, as well as do small runs of private label at a very low cost for current customers.

Ken Pawloski, Business Development Manager at Epson America, was happy to see the advantages the product offers for business owners of all sizes. “Customers were very excited to see the Epson printers as a vehicle to produce all inclusive, high durability, high quality color labels on demand, as needed and in any quantity!” he remarked after the event. 

The Epson label printing solution provides more flexibility and better quality, designed specifically for food manufacturers. The Epson TM-C3500 color label printer can print labels on demand, up to 4″ wide, and cut them to the desired length using the built-in industrial-grade cutter.

For those business that needed larger labels, Epson GP-C831 was a perfect fit. This industrial printer is designed to print thousands of labels quickly on demand. The GP-C831 can print labels up to 8.5″ wide and uses die-cut labels on a tractor feed.

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