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Smart labels can take house-made inventory to the next level

On this blog, we’ve discussed private label brands’ dominance in the American supermarket. However, the term “private label” extends far beyond Piggly Wiggly-brand peanut butter or Kroger-brand spaghetti. At smaller retailers, private label offerings, from small batch balsamic vinegar to loaves of house-made bread, define and embody the storefronts that sell them. They can be a market’s calling card in a community, or the items that earn them regional or national attention. 

That’s why it’s essential for food retailers to adopt the best possible label strategy, not only for FDA compliance but for promotion. By creating a memorable image and informative text, small businesses can bring professionalism and polish to the visuals they present in stores. Especially in shops where items made by third parties are sold, highlighting the house-made items can be challenging. While much of that has to do with inventory arrangement, pricing and other factors, it’s impossible to underestimate the power of labels to elevate your product ranges. 

In Inc. Magazine, Marc Ecko urges entrepreneurs to develop a brand, not just a label. Building a consistent visual impression across products that invites customers to become part of a brand experience can develop loyalty and raise awareness. Labeling is the last place where specialty food retailers want to cut corners on presentation, as an appealing label can be the deciding factor for shoppers on the fence between two products. Emphasizing your private label offerings as part of a brand can take items from dull to dazzling. 

Every company has the resources to create a stunning brand impression. With color label printers and custom label printing, entrepreneurs can take their private label offerings to the next level.

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