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‘Made in America’ label sees resurgence in demand

Despite the recent decline in U.S. manufacturing, CNBC recently reported that a shift may be beginning to occur. The source explains that the reputation of American-manufactured products still carries weight with consumers, both domestically and abroad. 

A recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group revealed 16 percent of 252 U.S. manufacturers included in their study are reshoring jobs from China, a 20 percent jump from a year ago, and more than double the number from February 2012.

The article focused on one particular organization that is uniquely positioned to witness firsthand the resurgence of American manufacturing. Brooklyn-based Maker’s Row helps organizations and entrepreneurs find domestic manufacturers for their products. 

American-made goods have gained the reputation of quality because of their high production standards and safe and high-quality materials. However, they also carried the reputation of being expensive due to labor costs. Now, with the cost of foreign labor on the rise, their cost is being offset in the marketplace. 

“We’re looking to change the rule of thumb,” Matthew Burnett, co-founder of Maker’s Row, told CNBC. “We’re changing that mindset by showing people where they can produce and manufacture locally because this is a global shift right now.”

This new trend affects organizations that sell their goods both domestically and overseas. Being able to boast a “Made in America” label can offer significant competitive benefits, and help your product demand more attractive costs. 

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