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Benefits of Printing Your Own Medical and Healthcare Labels

The Epson SecurColor On-Demand Color Inkjet Printer is best used with DuraFast Labels

The mislabeling of medical and healthcare labels is responsible for many undue injuries and illnesses of thousands of people each year.

Medical labels that are:

  • unreadable
  • mismatched
  • unclear in directions

are often the cause of victims suffering from serious consequences that range from allergic reactions to poisoning.

These incidents are completely preventable with the combination of utilizing proper labeling systems with durable labels.

When you print your own labels with an in-house Epson SecurColor On-Demand Color Inkjet Printer you are taking direct control over the labeling process, ensuring that your labels print out without smudges or smears.

Printing with DuraFast Labels adds to the security of your products and to the safety of medical patients across the country, since they are built with specific technology that can endure the harshest conditions and rough handling.

Being able to print your own medical and healthcare labels in-house also allows grants your business new opportunities for reducing overhead costs and increasing production efficiency. Thousands of manufactures of surgical knives, catheters, and dental supplies continue to replace their inventory of pre-printed medical device packaging with an in-house digital color printer, in order to lower overall costs and increase revenue.

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