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Best Barcode Label Printer for Efficient Inventory Management

best barcode label printer

If you’re looking for a barcode label printer, you’ll find a complete list of the best options based on use cases and functionality. Improve your inventory management and streamline your business with the best printers.

You can spend anywhere from $80 to thousands of dollars on a printer but more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Review your specific needs and see how these barcode label maker options could improve your business.

Best Barcode Label Printers

Learn all about the barcode label process and what devices will work best based on your unique needs. 

Quick Look

  • Best for Assorted Office Uses: DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Maker and Printer
  • Best for Secure Barcode Printing: Zebra ZD421 Desktop Barcode Printer
  • Best for Industrial Barcode Labels: Toshiba BEV4DTS14QMRZE Direct Thermal Barcode Printer
  • Best for Transportation Labels: Godex G530 4-inch Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer
  • Best for Fast Barcode Label Printing: Godex DT2x2-inch Direct Thermal Barcode Printer

1. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Maker

Best for: Assorted Office Uses 

DYMO makes some great label makers but in small packages that small businesses can use on a counter or warehouse for seamless inventory use. This small tabletop printer works well for Mac and Windows devices. You’ll get 300 dpi quality with direct thermal printing.

Reduce your overall printing expenses thanks to never having to purchase ribbons or toners when you use this label maker. Print up to 71 labels per minute for fast and simple inventory management. 


  • Comes with barcode label software
  • Includes a 2-year warranty
  • Prints 300 dpi
  • Affordable price point
  • Lower cost of ownership thanks to the thermal print process

2. Zebra ZD421 Desktop Barcode Printer

Best for: Secure Barcode Printing 

At just 12 pounds, the Zebra ZD421 Desktop Barcode Printer packs a powerful punch. Print up to four-inch-wide barcodes with a 203 dpi resolution. This direct thermal printer is easy to use and maintain thanks to no ribbons or toners. 


  • Simple to use
  • Various models to meet your needs
  • Connects to any device, including Mac, Windows, Android and iOS using Bluetooth
  • Comes with one of the best free barcode label printing software options available called Print DNA suite
  • 2-year standard warranty
  • Prints 102 mm per second 

3. Toshiba BEV4DTS14QMRZE Direct Thermal Barcode Printer

Best for: Industrial Barcode Labels

This printer features 300 dpi resolution printing that does not require ink or toner. You can connect it via USB and ethernet connections. The compact size makes it easy to use and ideal for industrial barcode label printing. 

At only 6 pounds, this small but mighty barcode label printer will serve a variety of business use cases, including most 2D label needs.


  • Prints 5 inches per second
  • Connects via USB and ethernet
  • Can print media between 1 inch and 4 5/8-inch
  • Easy maintenance
  • LCD display
  • Wireless LAN capable 

best barcode label printer

4. Godex G530 4-inch Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer

Best for: Transportation Labels

The Godex G350 barcode printer produces 300 dpi labels and can print up to five inches per second. It’s slightly heftier than some of the other options on this list at 10 pounds but it is still compact for the greatest ease of use. You can place it virtually anywhere and print barcodes up to 4.16 inches wide. Godex is a leading barcode paper label manufacturer alongside Zebra and DYMO.


  • USB and ethernet connections
  • LED control panel
  • Comes with free barcode and label software GoLabel
  • 3-year warranty
  • Useful for a variety of printing needs, including bills of lading, logistics labels, inventory, manufacturing, etc. 

5. Godex DT2x2-inch Direct Thermal Barcode Printer

Best for: Fast Barcode Label Printing

To meet high-volume barcode label needs, the Godex DT2x2-inch model is a good option because it prints seven inches per second, which exceeds the average of five inches per second that you’ll find from other printers of this kind. It does sacrifice the resolution somewhat as you’ll get 203 dpi instead of 300.

The slim design takes up minimal desktop space and allows you to connect to a variety of devices using USB, serial or ethernet ports. Print barcodes that are .6-inches to 2 inches wide. The 3.2-inch display also helps you manage the use of the printer.


  • Optional accessories and add-ons to make the printer even more useful
  • Prints up to 7 inches per second
  • Direct thermal printer does not require ribbon or toner
  • Small footprint is easy to use in a variety of settings

What You Need to Know About Barcode Label Printers

If this is your first time shopping for a barcode label printer, you likely have many questions. Find answers to those questions and more detailed information about these printers. 

What is a Barcode Label Printer?

Barcode printers are generally dedicated solely to printing barcodes within businesses of all sizes. These printers feature thermal labels so that you won’t have to worry about ink smearing or bleeding. 

You can attach the barcodes to items within a store, warehouse, healthcare facility or a variety of other use cases. These small printers offer reliable options for small-label printing. 

When is it Time for a Small Business to Purchase a Barcode Printer?

Knowing the right time to invest in a barcode label printer for a growing small business can be challenging. Here’s a look at some scenarios that might signal it’s time to buy.

  • You Operate a Retail Business: retail businesses of all types and sizes benefit from barcode label printers because you can easily label your items for sale. Then you can scan the barcode at the point of sale using your POS system. This helps with inventory while allowing for a quick checkout process.
  • You ship products frequently: there are many options on the market for a combination barcode printer and shipping label printer. Using the same set of labels you can go from labeling products to shipping products with ease. Pre-made labels make it simple and easy.
  • QR codes could enhance your marketing: QR code stickers are becoming a popular way for people to advertise their personal brands. This is growing throughout the musician community. Hand out QR code stickers or place them on booths, materials and a variety of other places to market yourself.
  • Managing inventory is becoming overwhelming: as your business grows, so will the process of managing inventory. You likely won’t be able to keep up with spreadsheets and manual processes once your business reaches a certain size. This is a sign it’s time for a barcode label printer and inventory management system that ties into your e-commerce software and shows how many items are in stock for purchase.

Main Factors to Consider for Barcode Paper Labels and Printers

Before you purchase a printer, review these main considerations.

1. Use Cases

There are so many types of barcodes out there. Some are receipts, others are tickets and still others are used for wristbands in healthcare settings. Before purchasing a printer, consider how you’ll be using the printer and what size labels you need to print.

2. Label Printer Connectivity

Think about where and how you’ll be using your printer. This will dictate the connectors you require the printer to have. Some people always use the printer with a desktop while others want to print from mobile devices via Bluetooth. 

3. Barcode Label Software Reviews

Most label printers come with software to aid you in setting up and using the printer. But the software that comes with these printers will vary in quality. Read up on barcode label software reviews to find a strong combination of an effective printer alongside the best software.

4. Support and Warranty

Different manufacturers offer varying lengths of warranties, available parts and accessories. Consider how long you hope to use the printer and choose the best printer with a warranty based on those criteria.

Where you purchase your printer does make a difference. At DuraFast Label Company, we have a team of experts ready to help you find the best label printers based on your unique needs. And if you’re a new business or a business with limited cash flow, we can help you rent the printers you need to operate a successful business without the upfront expense.

Contact us now to learn more.

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