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Label design considerations to help your product get attention

Today, with the improvements in label printing software, anyone can take their label design into their own hands. However, it is important to first have some basic knowledge of the strategies proven to be effective in making your product stand out on the shelf. 


When selecting a font, it is important to choose a design that reflects your branding and message. For example, a financial services company may want a severe and classic font, while a hot sauce manufacturer may want one that is more playful and speaks to their product. Whatever font you choose, it is important to ensure that the text is easy to read, even at a quick glance or from a distance. 


According to The Creative Pro blog, red and yellow are the colors that studies have shown “urge” customers to make a purchase. But when you are selecting a color, keep in mind your product design and coloring. Ideally, your chosen colors should complement the font as well as the packaging itself, while still managing to stand out from the competition. 


The barcode is a critical part of label design that is often not awarded the attention it deserves. Many organizations are finding creative ways to integrate their barcode labels into their designs that reflect the product’s unique branding. Barcodes make it simple for a product to be sold in stores of all kinds, and can help your product reach new markets. 

No matter your final label design, Durafast Label Company has the printing equipment and supplies you need to wow your customers. Whether you need a high resolution label printer capable of photo quality labels or a desktop label printer for occasional use, Durafast can help get your product the attention it deserves. 

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