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Create Great Credentials for Baseball Stadium Access this Season

Baseball season has returned, signaling that spring is here at last. Teams at every level, professional, collegiate or amateur, have been welcoming fans back into their ballparks for another year of games. They also need to accommodate press, VIPs and staff members, all with varying levels of access. Granting admission to these many groups of park visitors is easy when teams use an in-house credential printer to quickly create attractive and functional badges.

Press, Parking and More

Credential printing for sports stadiums must be handled via dedicated systems to help ensure the security of players and fans. However, any system put in place must also be quick and efficient to ensure wait times don’t stack up.

Teams that purchase capable new credential printers for the 2017 season will be able to meet both of these requirements, with the ability to create attractive and functional badges on demand, on either paper materials or PVC.

When badges are large and quality is high, teams can be confident that different types of credentials will be recognizable at a distance. Different badges for staff members, reporters, guests and more can each carry their own access. The option to add QR codes that must be scanned for entrance allows the credentials to function as both tickets to get in and identifying badges once the person has entered the stadium.

Team representatives can opt for materials that have security features such as holograms, UHF or ultraviolet stamps. When badges are hard to counterfeit, they keep intruders from faking their way into the ballpark. Safety and attractive design can go hand in hand when teams print out credentials bearing their colorful logos.

Parking passes for the stadium lot can also roll out of a credential printer. So can badges for events held at the stadium, such as concerts, conventions or fairs. A team will find near-endless uses for a credential printer both during baseball season and after.

Credential printers help you regulate media, parking and other special ballpark access categories.

A Reliable Printer Choice

Creating a good credentialing strategy means working with powerful hardware. Teams that don’t have a printer – or want to make an upgrade – can consider the SwiftColor SCC4000D oversized credential printer. This is a professional-grade printer equally capable of printing off single badges on demand or quickly printing a large amount at once.

Baseball teams looking for ways to regulate special visitors to their ballparks will require a good printer – the SCC4000D is a leading option. You can learn more about this device on DuraFast’s U.S. site or our Canadian page.

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