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See ideal cannabis label printers at Hempfest 2017

The legal cannabis sector in Canada is still young, but that doesn’t mean your competitors are sitting around wasting time. A new industry is ripe with potential, and if you act quickly and decisively, your brand could gain great exposure.

One of the best ways to stake out a position in the legal cannabis sector is through bold, professional-looking labels for your products. To make these labels independently and efficiently, you’ll need a capable printer.

That’s where DuraFast Label Company can help. You can see our lineup of Epson and Afinia printers in person at the 2017 Hempfest Cannabis Expo, going down March 11 and 12 at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton.

What to expect at Hempfest

As an industry just getting off the ground, the legal cannabis sector in Canada is in need of settings where pioneering companies can meet up, show off their wares and discuss what comes next. Hempfest is poised to offer such an incubator.

The program for the weekend includes presentations from industry luminaries in addition to the chance to meet up with community leaders and individuals eager to get involved with all corners of the industry. From growing to retail and from health care to the young recreational market, every permutation of the legal cannabis business will be on hand.

You’ll be able to find DuraFast on the exhibition floor, where companies of all kinds will be showing off products to make your life as a legal cannabis producer easier and more productive. This is where you can pick up bold new ideas about marketing your brand and acquire the hardware to make your dreams a reality. DuraFast’s lineup of label printers is among the necessities if you hope to run a truly self-sufficient business.

Printers help your business thrive

Bringing your label printing in-house is an exciting and potential-laden exercise in a sector moving as quickly as legal cannabis is today. Regulations will undoubtedly change and competition will be fierce, but if you have your own high-quality label printers, your packaging will be able to keep up.

Young industries bring with them the potential to win huge amounts of mind share in a short time. When a hierarchy of top brands is still being determined, there is room to put your name among them. It’s time to create a professional and positive look for your brand, one that its packaging will reflect.

Look up the DuraFast booth at Hempfest and you’ll find out hat it takes to reach this level of quality. If you can’t make it, look us up online anytime.

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