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The Value of Having a “Mini Digital Label Press”

Small companies each have unique needs concerning label printing. Based on clientele, location and industry, these businesses will take individualize approaches to creating the labels, stickers and other printed materials that define and promote their products.

Sometimes, a desktop label printer is enough to get the job done. In other cases, adding a rewinder for bigger jobs is more appropriate. When leaders want to combine every step of the label-making process into a single device, it’s time to turn to a full-on digital press such as the Afinia DLP-2000.

Production Simplified and Combined

When brands need quick and efficient label production, day in and day out, it makes sense to center all the processes on one machine – that’s why an all-in-one label press has value. The DLP-2000 prints the labels, using the Afinia L801 Memjet printer as its base. It also laminates and die-cuts the labels, then removes the matrix and rewinds the labels onto rolls, so they’re ready for use.

The labels come from continuous stock and end up wound up, meaning that high-quantity print jobs are a snap. Companies that have a lot of products in need of labeling will be grateful to have rolls of ready-made labels, cut to the right shape and with all excess material stripped away.

The labels that roll off the press move through at 6 inches per second. Because the L801 at the heart of the press is a digital printer, there’s no need for flexographic plates. The end result is 1600-dpi labels created with speed and efficiency beyond what companies can manage with complex, multi-step production workflows.

The In-House Advantage

Companies interested in taking more control of their label production processes often think of bringing matters in-house through hardware and software. Brands that are committed to producing their own labels over the long-term, cutting those labels into custom shapes, are great candidates for all-in-one presses.

Organizations with less need for high-speed and large-scale label production, or smaller organizations interested in keeping one-time costs down can purchase a label printer, such as the L801, on its own. The choice is theirs and will be determined by unique circumstances affecting the companies, their customers and the conditions within their industries.

To learn more about the DLP-2000, and to see whether its features match up with your organization’s in-house labeling needs, check it out on the DuraFast website – we have pages for U.S. customers and Canadian companies.

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