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Why Your Company Needs High-Quality T-Shirts

T-shirts and other forms of branded apparel are valuable additions to your company’s branding. Applying your logo to clothing items is a great way of getting your name out there, provided the resulting clothes are well-made.

There are two main ways to make a good impression via branded t-shirts. You can use them internally as uniforms or you can release them into the world as promotional items. Both approaches hold value for your company.

Internal Use

When you use branded apparel as a team uniform, you present a unified front, with your company’s long front and center. Maybe you want to send your team to staff a trade show booth in t-shirts that say the company’s name. Perhaps front-line customer service personnel would look good in branded shirts.

No matter where you deploy these t-shirts, they remind customers of your company’s name and logo. If you bring the printing of the apparel in-house -gaining agility, control and the ability to print small batches of items – you can even change up your team’s apparel periodically. With t-shirts to tie into every promotion your brand launches, you gain a new sort of billboard.

External Use

Branded apparel makes a great promotional item or give-away.

Of course, when consumers see your team looking dapper in their coordinated t-shirts, they may want to get in on the action. Branded apparel makes a great promotional item or give-away. You can even sell t-shirts, opening a revenue stream to go along with the marketing value of your logo.

Your ability to use apparel as an external promotional item hinges on the quality of the printing. If you give out products that fade with limited use, you’re not creating a good look for your company. If you go with an internal printer for your branded clothing needs, it’s important that you select one that is capable of high-quality transfers that won’t fade unevenly or quickly.

When you see someone walking down the street wearing your brand’s logo, you’ll know that your investment in apparel has paid off. A consumer donning your company’s branded clothing is like a silent endorsement.

Pick the Right Printer

Creating an in-house clothing printing operation isn’t automatic. If you pick the wrong hardware, the apparel may not live up to your brand’s high standards. You need a printer that is convenient to use but doesn’t skimp on product quality.

At DuraFast, we offer such a device, in the form of the Hotronix Fusion Heat Press. With a  smooth and even application of your chosen design, this printer can grant your business apparel-printing capabilities in one swoop. Check it out in our U.S. store or on our Canadian page.

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