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California Pot Legalization Begins Complex New Retail Era

Legal cannabis in California has brought business opportunity and numerous legal complexities.

The transition from banned substance to retail commodity has been a long and winding road for recreational cannabis, and the pace of legalization has been wildly different in each of the states that has put the substance on shelves thus far. The latest state to open its doors to legal recreational marijuana sales is one of the pioneers in the medical cannabis field: California.

A Big Moment with Many Caveats

The Associated Press report on the first day of retail recreational cannabis in California noted that the rules governing the new market are complicated and varied across the state. For instance, local rules in San Francisco and Los Angeles were finalized too late to actually have any stores open on the first day of 2018, when stores in approved areas can sell cannabis products. Furthermore, there are blanket bans on retail pot outlets in cities such as Fresno, Anaheim and Bakersfield.

A testing regimen is coming to ensure the quality and safety of vendors’ products.

Not only are the county-by-country rules a clear framework for the new legal marijuana industry, there are other regulations still to come. The AP explained that there will soon be state-level controls imposed on the strains of cannabis companies are allowed to sell. A testing regimen is coming to ensure the quality and safety of vendors’ products. Measured variables will include the strength of varieties, as well as the potential presence of pesticides or contaminating chemicals.

Vendors are eager not to fall afoul of authorities in the newly legalized industry, and will thus have to keep a close eye on the laws governing the sector, both as they exist now and in the coming months. The production of cannabis in-state is a large-scale business in California, according to the AP, but actually turning the plants into retail products will rely on growers’ and stores’ abilities to get approval from the relevant regulatory bodies.

A Labeling Opportunity

Considering the need for carefully made labels, as well as the assurance that the relevant laws will change and evolve, cannabis businesses have to think carefully about what they print on their packages. Operating a label printer in-house instead of ordering labels from an outside provider can give companies speed and flexibility.

DuraFast Label Company has become a go-to partner in places that have legalized recreational and medical cannabis because businesses in these states and provinces need labels that suit their regulatory needs – and can adapt quickly when the relevant laws change. To find a high-quality label printer that will satisfy the authorities and get your company off to a great start, check out DuraFast’s U.S. store or Canadian page.

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