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Small-Business Owners: Use Branded Apparel To Get Your Message Out

A small company has fewer ways to get its name in front of the masses than its large-scale rivals possess. If your business falls into this category, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to low levels of exposure. You’ll simply have to become clever and creative in choosing your marketing approach.

When you bring your promotional item creation in-house, owning the hardware, software and processes that bring these products to life, you gain a great deal of independence, and the opportunity to grab customer attention in interesting ways.

The Value of Branded Apparel

One of the most compelling low-cost marketing tactics is branded apparel. There’s no need to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a billboard when a high-quality branded t-shirt will spread your logo wherever its wearer goes. As long as you have a visual identity that people will want to wear, you can make use of this affordable and useful method.

Either sell the clothes or hand them out as promotional items.

As Small Business Trends pointed out, branded clothes work on two levels. By handing these items out to your staff members, you create a uniform look that puts your logo front and center, giving even a small company an air of professionalism. When you either sell the clothes or hand them out as promotional items, you create brand advocates who promote your organization to everyone who sees them, before a word is even spoken.

Clothing is a flexible and functional way to promote your company. Think of t-shirts compared to other branded items such as pens, bottle openers or knick-knacks. Other items are kept on desks or in pockets, while a piece of apparel is clearly visible. Furthermore, everyone needs a clothes. If your logo looks great, people will be happy to wear it around.

Pick the Right Printer

You could contract an outside firm to make your branded apparel, but for the highest levels of control, you can bring the process in-house. The UniNet iColor 500 Apparel Printer will put the power in your hands. This media printer uses revolutionary techniques and toner configurations to ensure designs pop visually, with bright white tones bringing out the other colors.

Furthermore, the iColor 500 is a fully functional label printer that can also handle stationery, banners and more. Instead of handling just one corner of your marketing, this printer can become the central feature. You can find this device and others in DuraFast’s U.S. online store by clicking here, or go to our Canada store.

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